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Medlab, Inc.

Million Tests
Million Patients
Presumptive Testing
Medlab's professional toxicologists perform fast, cost-effective presumptive screening for a wide range of substances. We also deliver next-day results via our online portal.
Definitive Testing
Using LC-MS and GC-MS technology, Medlab performs definitive confirmation testing to rule out false positives and identify substances or metabolites not detected by presumptive methods.
Molecular Diagnostics
Medlab's advanced molecular diagnostic test panels empower clinicians to make decisions based on highly accurate and rapid identification of pathogens through DNA analysis of multiple pathogens at the same time.
Community Health


Substance Abuse & Mental Health
For over 28 years, Medlab has fought alongside courts and treatment agencies in the ongoing war against chemical dependency.
Pain Management
Medlab provides physicians with the most accurate, timely, and sensitive information available to help improve outcomes for chronic pain patients.
Criminal Justice
Serving probation departments, drug courts, DWI, NYS parole, and department of social services.
Respiratory Illness
Comprehensive panel detecting viral and bacterial pathogens causing respiratory illness by molecular methods.
Infectious Disease